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Create a Contactless Guest Journey With Innovative Features

Unified Inbox

Bring all messaging apps into a single inbox (inc. SMS, Facebook Messenger, Email, WhatsApp...). Respond in real-time to guest enquiries, delegate to team members and track conversations. Deliver the information guests need for each part of their stay.

Messaging First Guest Journeys
A great cross-selling tool. Segment & manage guest profiles. Schedule personalised messages and promotions to guests based on arrival dates, group size and other metrics. Contact the right guest at the right time. Benefit from PMS connectivity
Personalise Each Message

Personalise each message with tokens about the guest, reservations and the rooms so you can hit the right tone with each guest

Smart Routing & Collaboration

Work together in different properties with smart routing. To make sure the guest always talks to a relevant staff member

Centralize Communications

Manage all messaging channels from different properties and make sure guests among different hotel in your hotel group talk to the right people

Web Messenger

Keep your guest communications open 24/7. A live chat plug-in for hotel websites allow you to receive and send messages to web visitors. With messaging automation, you can provide answers to guest questions anytime day or night.

Automations & Chatbot

We have been able to automate between 42% and 92% of your conversations with our chatbot.

Automate repetitive guest inquiries using AI technology, making FAQs easily accessible so website visitors & guests can get the answers and information they need quickly.



Get insights in what people react to, and what they are talking about. Moreover you will get insights to optimize the efficiency and workload of your staff better

Open API & Integrations

We have integrated with over 70 PMS systems and can use our messaging tool with more then 10 partners. Besides we offer an open API where you can interact with guest & reservation data.

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