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"Bookboost's guest messaging solution has increased our guest engagement significantly. It's easy to communicate with Bookboost and they offer great support. Bookboost reacts fast to requests regarding product features. They value customer feedbacks and continuously improve their software to become the best guest messaging solution that they want to be."

William Fosser

Revenue Management, Citybox

"In this day and age, most people communicate through text, unfortunately in most hotels today, you still need to pick up the phone! The team at Bookboost is trying to change that! I joined the board to assist in the effort of making guest communication more seamless, frictionless and profitable!"


Jos Schaap

Key Industry Figure

"Bookboost is offering us a very modern and excellent way to communicate between the digital nomads and our Hotel Brand! It is fast, safe and easy. We really liked the way how Bookboost treated us from the beginning - entering & learning this progress. That was an excellent support! Let's see what 'next level' features will be launched soon."

Jorn Höppe

General Manager, Superbude

"We believe that direct messaging represents the future of customer service. Bookboost guest messaging platform complements our existing communication technologies."

Sem Schuurkes

Founder & Partner, Cityhub

“With Bookboost, we have seen a great improvement in guest satisfaction. Bookboost has helped us to deduct 50% repetitive phone calls while improving the score of guest review by over 11% in only two months! It's also a very good tool to upsell through sending SMS. We have used it to successfully upsell parking spaces by 87.5% and increase 10% of late check-out.”

Maika Kloos

Operations Manager, Jorplace Beach Hotel

"Bookboost has handled 92% of repetitive inquries for us. Now we can focus on increasing direct bookings and cross-sell."

Oskar Petterson

Director of Sales & Revenue, Grand Hotel Lund