Our mission is simple: we bring hotel guests and hotels in a closer relation to each other. We believe in human connection and personal experiences. By offering hotels the tools to reach their guests instantly a hotel creates quality relationships. Doing so, hotels meet and retain more friendships and build upon a friendly, human and personal environment!

Our story

In 2016, a combination of technology and hospitality experts saw an opportunity. The online messaging and communication space, with the messaging trend growing, and a lacking answer to that in the hospitality industry. So they started their journey to build a technology solution capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s guests' expectations. 

To mark the new beginning, our founding team called the business Bookboost – we aim to boost guest engagement. We worked and co-created the platform together with our pilot hotels.

After the first period building the core technology, the advantages of communicating throughout all different kinds of communication channels from one centered platform began to be recognized. We signed our first deals early 2017. The focus now is to create even better results, help more hotels and build an amiable company.