Conversational Marketing

Guest Messaging is not just improving and updating your service offer but also creates numerous opportunities for you to add further value to your guests stay, cross- and upsell and affect overall NPS positively.

Structure Guest Journey With The Guest Journey Manager

With Bookboost you can actually easily set up messages your guests should receive along with their guest journey. Approach proactively during pre-stay if they need any assistance, hook in during their stay and see if there is anything you can do to make their stay with you even more pleasant.


Messages Sequence Scheduled: 2

Young Couples

Messages Sequence Scheduled: 7

Business Travellers

Messages Sequence Scheduled: 4

Group of friends

Messages Sequence Scheduled: 3

Open the two-way channel proactively

Asking proactively about how your guests' stay is going, you give them a personal-feeling way in giving you feedback first hand to build a good relationship. Imagine yourself being a guest and the Hotel reaching out to you in a simple text asking “Hey Emma, I hope you had an awesome first day in the city. Just shoot away if there is anything you want to know or ask for. We’re here for you. / Jan from the Reception”.

Think about the possibilities

Setting up generic messages along your guests' stay to make them feel personally cared and accommodated for is one thing, but imagine if you could also drive service offers such as wellness packages or other cross- and upsells using messages, to identify your guests' needs and wants.

Ready to engage your guests?

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