One unified inbox to collect them all

Guest Messaging upgrades and elevates your service level to the newest standards. Be where your guests are and offer personal service through messaging, exceeding guests expectations and driving NPS constantly.
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Exceed your Guests Service Expectations

Tired of answering Emails, Facebook and other channels from different tools? With Bookboost you can finally combine all of these channels into one Inbox and even better: open the channels that really matter to your guests, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or others while also being more efficient than before.

Help your Staff focus on what matters most

Imagine a world where most FAQ’s are handled automatically and your staff can focus on what really matters: a welcoming atmosphere in your hotel and the time to resolve complex service inquiries in a timely manner. This is what Bookboost can offer you today already, using different degrees of automation within the system, saving you up to 28% of time at the front-desk.


Chatbot automations can handle linear requests that end with a definite contextual answer without ambiguity. “When does the pool close?” would make the bot answer “Hey, the pool closes at 9pm. Don’t forget your towel” or whatever else you’d like.

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These are suggestions to answer
Suggestions show up based on typing input
Suggestions help operators to be more efficient

AI based quick replies/canned responses


Shape your Guest Relationships

By being available on the messaging channels of your guests' choice, you not just meet but exceed modern hospitality expectations. Imagine being and curating your guest relationships not in an anonymous email inbox, but where your guests keep the relationships with who is most important to them: their friends & family.

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