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Conversy by Bookboost


All you have to do is include this single line of code on your site, replacing the {your-website-id} with your website id. All other configuration is done via the Bookboost application.

<script src="http://app.bookboost.io/{your-website-id}/conversation.js"></script>

The Conversy API

We provide the following api to help you integrate the web messenger with your websites existing functionality.

Open the conversation


Close the conversation


Subscribing to events

conversy('on', 'EVENT_NAME', handlerFn);

The following events are available:

Event NameHandler ArgumentsTriggered when
PM_FIREDmessageIdAn "interact" message was presented to the user.
PM_CLICKEDmessageIdAn "interact" message was clicked by the user.
PM_COUPON_CLICKEDmessageIdAn "interact" message coupon was redeemed by the user.
CONVERSATION_OPENEDNoneThe conversation was opened. Either by the user clicking the bubble or a call to conversy('open').
CONVERSATION_CLOSEDNoneThe conversation was closed. Either by the user clicking the bubble or a call to conversy('close').

Unsubscribing to events

conversy('off', 'EVENT_NAME', handlerFn);

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