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A conversational tool that increases direct bookings with AI

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"Price gauranteed" booking direct always offers best value!
Get a free bottle of wine with your stay if you book direct
Are you interested in booking one of our arrangements in Amsterdam?
We see you are arriving soon at our hotel
Hello, I'm Sara! Can I be of any help?

We make communication simple, consistent and efficient

Engage guests

Open the dialogue, start talking and engage with your online visitors

Increase Conversion

Convince your online visitors to book direct and increase conversion rate by + 25%

Smart Tool

Increase efficiency with our AI technology that recognises content and provides suggestive answers

Multi Channels

Communicate throughout different media channels, FB, Whatss app, etc, from one application

Business Intelligence

Understand your audience and target specifically based on their personal needs

Easy To Implement

You only need to add one line of code to your website to integrate our tool

There are potential guests waiting on your website, give them a warm welcome with excellent conversational hospitality


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