At Bookboost we want to empower hotels to take control over their guest relation!

It's 2018 and guests, especially millennial, are expecting a seamless and direct line of communication with their brands. We believe it's about time to imbue modern chat systems with hotels to help them on their mission to get better guest relationships & more direct bookings!

Meet our team members :)

Open Positions

About the job

  • Boost your sales carreer.
  • Manage your work with our CRM system
  • Proactively attend events
  • Book sales meetings
  • Take responsibility in your area
  • Be creative with the use of sales & marketing tools
  • Travel around to different hotels in Scandinavia.

About you

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • High initiative taker and goal oriented & structured
  • You're comfortable with English as the main language in the team
  • You're proactive
  • You've (some) experience with sales
  • Hard worker and well organized & structured
  • You are good with hotel people and understand the industry

What can you expect from Bookboost

  • The opportunity to improve the hotel industry!
  • A culture-minded startup focused on bringing the best out it's team
  • Obligatory and free 3-o-clock smoothies.
  • Competative salary or internship position.
  • Room for you to improve your skills and learn new skills.
  • Being in an entrepenurial and norm-challening enviroment