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Bookboost’s platform helps you connect to your guests easily, engages naturally and sends messages automatically, to all channels - from one platform, one solution, no hassle...

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Proactively engage your guests in all the phases of the guest life cycle

Engage your guest not only on the website, but throughout the whole guest journey with Bookboost’s products.

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Automate recurring conversations with Chatbots

Unleash the power of chatbot technology and answer common interaction as making a reservation, handling room requests, and sending review invites via messaging. Also with self-learning technology our Chatbots can learn from your conversational data and predict answers.

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Hej Sara, your room is ready. Welcome at Hotel Bookboost. Talk to us here or connect on if you need anything. Regards, Bookboost Bot
Hej! Could I get a pickup from the airport?
Sure we can, we send you a pickup, follow the taxi here Regards, Bookboost Bot
Thanks :)
I didn't book breakfast yet, can I do so?
Sure you can! Breakfast is continental and is served between 07:00 to 10:00. Regards, Bookboost Bot
Thank you so much :)

Guest engagement shouldn't be hard.

Bookboost brings hotels at guests' fingertips with 4 products, and makes guest engagement, personalized, smart, and fun!

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Meet and exceed millennial expectations

Millennials form the “experience generation”, seeking events and looking for adventure more than ever. Bookboost lets you offer personal and on-demand booking and room services. Setting an experience for millennials who expect such convenience.

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Regain control from online travel competitors

Create an experience around personalized booking, concierge and loyalty. Guests want to become loyal to your brand and re-visit you. Provide them with the right tools and build upon better direct guest relations.

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