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  Unified Inbox
€ 99
Price Per Month
Free 30 day trial
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Proactive Messaging
from € 200
Price Per Month
50 Rooms included
€ 4 / Additional Room / Month
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Multi property Get Quote
PMS Integration  


Web Messenger
Facebook Messenger
Email (Messaging)
Whatsapp + € 150 + € 150


Manage Inboxes YES if multi property
Share places


FAQ chatbot
Flow Chatbot    
Self Learning Chatbot    

Proactive Web

Notification Message
Targeting on sessions
Targeting on pages
Exit Tool

Proactive Guest Journey

Proactive Messages Around Stay
Target to segments  
Deliver Proactively on Whatsapp  
Deliver Proactively on Facebook Messenger  
Deliver Proactively on SMS  
Deliver Proactively on Email  
Channel Waterfall, Optimize Delivery Per User  
Profile Enrichment, identify email & phonenumber from your guests  


Proactive Messages


Opening hours
Task management  
API access    


Number Of Operators 3 unlimited unlimited
Number Of Canned responses 20 unlimited unlimited
Number Of Proactive Messages   unlimited unlimited
Number Of SMS - € 0,10 per SMS € 0,10 per SMS
Number Of Chatbot Suggestions unlimited unlimited unlimited

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Trusted by hotels worldwide

“With Bookboost, we have seen a great improvement in guest satisfaction. Bookboost has helped us to deduct 50% repetitive phone calls while improving the score of guest review by over 11% in only two months! It's also a very good tool to upsell through sending SMS. We have used it to successfully upsell parking spaces by 87.5% and increase 10% of late check-out.”

Maika Kloos
Operational Manager, Jorplace

"Bookboost is offering us a very modern and excellent way to communicate between the digital nomads and our Hotel Brand! It is fast, safe and easy. We really liked the way how Bookboost treated us from the beginning - entering & learning this progress. That was an excellent support! Let's see what 'next level' features will be launched soon."

Jörn Hoppe
General Manager, Superbude

"We believe that direct messaging represents the future of customer service. Bookboost guest messaging platform complements our existing communication technologies."

Sem Schuurkes
Founder & Partner, Cityhub

Frequently Asked Questions

The channels Telegram, Wechat, Line, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and Email are free of charge. For Whatsapp Enterprise we charge a fee of 150EUR per number. When a customer initiates a conversation there is no charge. When an organisation initiate a conversation towards a customer we charge EUR0,10. For SMS there is a charge is EUR0,10 per message sent Free of charge

Right now we offer a free trial of the Unified Inbox for 30 days. With the Proactive Messaging we can run a paid proof of concept

Yes, the prices are recurring and paid in a monthly, quarterly or yearly interval

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