“We should be available always to our guests, not only at the hotel.”

“We should be available always to our guests, not only at the hotel.”

Entrepreneurial spirit

College friends Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburgset a goal of improving the traditional hotel experience in line with the current zeitgeist and technological capabilities.

Pioneers in the field

CityHub is the avant garde of the hub concept, which is expanding internationally.

It's in the wrist

CityHub's "magic wristbands" give you access to your hub, as well as things like the beer taps.

176 hubs

Enjoy your stay in one of the 126 hubs in Amsterdam, or the 50 in Rotterdam.

We believe that direct messaging represents the future of customer service. Bookboost guest messaging platform complements our existing communication technologies.” said Sem Schuurkes, CityHub Hotels. “We will now have a unified messaging platform where travellers can engage with our staff on their preferred messaging channel. Our CityHosts will be available anytime through every channel able to provide real-time, personal and location-based support enhancing their guests’ experience.

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